Banquet Hall Rental

Rental Rates:

Half Days Rentals:

6 Hours or less

Weekdays (M-Th): $300 per day

Weekends (F-Sun): $500 per day

Full Day Rentals:

10 hours or more

Weekdays (M-Th): $600 per day

Weekends (F-Sun): $900 per day

Security Deposits:

The refundable Security Deposit is currently: $450

Refundable Security Deposit for the Commercial Kitchen is currently: $400

Rental Details:

Kitchen rental rates add on: Weekdays (M-Th): $300 per | Weekends (F-Sun): $500 per day

If using the kitchen during a rental, there will be an additional $400 deposit required.

The kitchen can only be used by licensed catering services

*WiFi is available for an additional fee of $100 per event

*If you'd like to sell alcohol, it will need to be controlled and dispensed by TIP or TAMS-certified bartenders.

Lessee must provide “Host Liquor” insurance coverage for the duration of the stated event.

*Rental fee and rates are due 30 days before the rental date or at the time of signing the Rental Contract

*Wifi and projector are available for an additional fee | *Only 110 People are allowed inside